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Focus of Attention

Focus of attention.

Having a really big juicy project going through the workshop is great. The game is on. There are often a number of parties involved in larger projects, from upholsterers to audio/visual installation teams and all of us need to be working in sync and ensuring that our part is played at the correct point along the way. Managing these projects is without doubt very satisfying. Working alongside people who take joy in their work and also strive to give the best is as rewarding as delivering to the client the piece of furniture, room or interior that they have been wishing for.

Having said that…

I do love getting back to the bench for some good old school furniture making. This coffee table is the best antidote to the pace of life. I drop into a Zen state when grain matching veneer, it’s so consuming everything else just disappears from mind. In fact, all elements of this piece will be so engrossing that I know there’s going to be a small backlog of emails… Sorry. Some geeky trammel and jig work for the Sapelle base, precise marking and jointing for the assembly, stain and lacquer work. What’s not to like? There’s even a Victoria sponge in the tin for teatime. Doing everything in house makes for a great flow state which really hones the mind and attention. It’s been like a luxury retreat for the mind. I’m ready for the next juicy one now!